Bone + Tissue: The Naked Truth

Artist, Model & Creator: The Thoughts of Quintin Pegross

Everybody expects something great to come from my mouth always. If not that then astounding or surprising. I don’t think my life is that reckless or interesting but apparently to many it is.
— Quintin Pegross

We’re born with different purposes. From the moment we’re born there’s a unique story that awaits and the key is to simply live. Life is one of the greatest books to be written because each individuals story is unique. There isn’t a right or wrong way to live, there’s only living. In the end we each have a beginning, middle and end, how you make it from point A to B is your choice.

It has been a year since I formally met Quintin Pegross. Automatically I could sense there was something special within’ the man that often sports a joker wide smile, but I also knew that there were layers. I had discovered his work on Tumblr, a well known blogging platform. Photography, fashion, and poetry that bared his soul were the focus of his blog. I became intrigued by his views of religion, sexuality, and struggle. He wasn’t simply a social media character, but a young man that had lived a life most wouldn’t until reaching adulthood. This is a glimpse into his heart and soul.


“What I do influences that I suppose. I’m here now to influence it more. I’ve been having the most difficult time writing this. So many different ideas, my thoughts have been running wild with different angles of creativity. I decided to just speak freely and transparently today.” 

“I love expression. Artistic expression, to me, means everything. In one of my fashion classes when I was at UNI my professor said to me that fashion is beyond what we wear, it’s a way of things.”


“We do things in a certain fashion. Our lifestyle is a fashion. Sometimes I wonder how in control we are of that. How the experiences we have every day, the little things and big things influence that.”

“Who or what entity exacted the moment of now, forever. Now, forever… We have so many things answering us, this or that, when in reality it’s all theoretical. Fear for faith is a fair-trade for some of us.”


“I’ve freed myself of opinion and filled myself with judgeless observation. Do I look like I care? I’m enjoying myself now until I time out.”

“Take your clothes off, liberate yourself, and let everything go, cast your worries and insecurities away into the world. Hold on to love, never lose love, be resilient.”


“Cry. Cry how you cry. We all cry differently but find that way that works for you and do it.”

“Whatever you do, find your freedom. Love that freedom. Never compromise that freedom. Under no circumstances ever compromise that freedom. Especially for the love of another. Let it go and finally, fly high.”


In the end we each have a beginning, middle and end. How you make it from point A to B is your choice. Quintin is a man in control of his life, not afraid of being judged. He bears his soul to impact and inspire people. Often, we as people are judgmental to things we don’t understand, but should we? We are vulnerable to pain and instead creating more wombs, perhaps it is time we heal each other’s. In the end there’s a lesson to be learned from one another but that lesson can’t be obtained if the book is forever judged by it’s cover.

At the end of the day I am whatever you perceive.
— Quintin Pegross